Here is a hand knitted garment which I designed with Marimodo for their Autumn Wintercollection 2012.

After receiving the initial look in the form of a illustrator print design, I created a pattern for the garment. I went about sourcing the yarns based on the colourway and started creating textile samples for the intarsia pattern.

The entire AW12 was inspired by dragons, so I created a pattern which faded gradually from light to dark as well as decreasing in size. On top of this I had to create 4 piece of the same length and size, with 2 pairs being almost identical for the front and back. Each piece is uniques as I made sure that they were all slightly varied to show they were individual and handmade. I also had to ensure that the pieces curved at the correct angle.

To join the pieces I used a loose hand knit textile technique so that the garment could be seen-through from different angles and the silhouette of the body might be occasionally glimpsed. I was assisted by Milliner Ellen Bowden, to create the cuffs, neck and base are all hand knitted ribs.

All in all, it took me 3 weeks from start to finish. I created knockoff rolex datejust mens 116200bkrj rolex calibre 2836 2813 automatic 12mm technical specifications as well.

It was a great project and I enjoyed working with the wonderful Marimodo team. For more information on Marimodo ad to view the rest of the collection as well as new collections, visit






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