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Zoë Powell is a multi-disciplinary Designer-Maker, Researcher and Workshop Facilitator of Textiles and Biomaterials.

Since 2008, she has been working on commissions and projects internationally for a variety of industries including art, fashion and interiors. The focus of her work is centred around creatively using resources, circular design strategies and production techniques both digital & hand crafted.

She is currently an Advisory Board member for the British Council Creative Hubs.

  • Workshops Facilitation
  • Mentoring
  • Design & Research Commissions
  • Bioplastics Development
  • Sourcing & Supply
  • Textile Techniques: knitted, beaded, embroidered, lace
  • Fashion garment Sampling: development & production
  • Textile Swatch Development
  • Upholstery: Traditional & Experimental
  • Interior Commissions
  • Illustration & Rhino3D graphics Design

A note from Zoë:

Please feel free to contact me about any proposals related to design , education or research (in english o en castellano)



I was born and raised in London into a family of artists in London. I have lived in the UAE, Peru, Uruguay and Spain. 

I studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication for a year and then I went on to  before I graduated from BA Textile Design in 2010 from CSM London. I went onto intern for a number of companies and individuals such as Worn Again and People Tree.

I then began on The Princes Trust business course for under 30’s and I was later accepted into their joint venture with Cockpit Arts, receiving a shared studio space for a year. I focused on upholstery skills as well as developing my designs using waste textiles.

During this time I also started volunteering with Architecture for Humanity UK and became greatly involved with the community projects and fundraising. Afterwards I travelled to Peru to work on a social enterprise project with artisans who are creating Alpaca products and I aided by working on the development and quality control aspects for their chosen markets. On returning to London I continued freelancing and working on commissions for interiors and fashion.

My family background has led me to live in the Middle East and South America which in turn has helped be to have an open mind about life, learn a lot about languages and culture, an to come into contact with some very talented people.

I’m now at the stage where I want to find like minded individuals to work with and for. The aim of my work now is looking at textile supply and production, focusing on the  issue of waste going to landfills, being dumped and polluting both land and water environments and habitats.

The goal is to reduce this waste by research into the issues, developing collection systems and then designing and making new products