An amazing commission came my way last year in the form of hand weaving two chairs famously designed by Harry Bertoia (now available at Knoll in a variety of colours & styles). These chairs were originally designed to be used with or without cushions, though the practice of weaving into the grid-like metal frame has been commonly experimented with.

The idea was to match the fabric to a natural wool alternative from the colour scheme and synthetic fabric  sample I had been given, I managed to source a felted wool, then to weave the fabric in rows through the chair.

Several previous examples the Diamond Chair exist, but only in photographs as there aren’t any examples to view publicly, so I experimented with the direction of the rows and the effects that could be created.

I finalised the design using a simple example of weaving back and forth along the diagonal edges, taking care with the edges and joins which were all hand sewn in to ensure the beautiful chair silhouette remained.

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