During my third year, I had the luck in being needed to hand knit a jumper for designer Emilio de la Morena. My teammate was fellow knitter Elena Muñoz Gomez-Trenor, who was the key connection, so we set out to knit one garment each. We started by  interpreting the spec paper pattern and then doing sample swatches. The garments and accessories were made using a chunky wool in a simple garter stitch technique. It was then glue, rested and foiled to created the metallic shine. The overall look is quite outstanding, cracking in places with movement and giving the effect of chain-mail.


  1. Jean Luff
    December 6, 2016

    I wondered if you were looking for any Knitters. I have Knitted for Designers and done Pattern checking

    • Zoe Powell Textiles
      December 15, 2016

      Hi Jean, I wish I was in the position to hire other people to work on projects with me.
      What kind of knitting do you do?


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