Material Explorations : Waste Streams Exhibition (Monday 17th September 2018)

It was a honor to be part of the Waste Streams exhibition. Makerversity is housed in the prestigious building of Somerset House, located in the centre of London along the river Thames.

We showcased my bioplastic samples with their ingredients and the recipes beside them (available on

Also in the room were many talented designers and makers showcasing their materials, from Chipsboard who use potato from production waste, to the mycelium lights of Adam Davies, to Sanne Visser‘s rope made from hair, to Material Driven who have a selection of innovative materials suited for current and future use in the built environment.

The Materiom workshop was about bringing value to waste materials as well as using natural biodegradable ingredients.

With this concept of ‘Trash to Treasure’ we sourced materials unique to our location from in and around Somerset House: Fresh food waste from the kitchen of the Spring Restaurant to coffee granules from The Paint Room.

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