On the weekend of 28 – 29 April,  I ran a set of my Textile Art Weaving workshops at the Maker Faire 2018 UK at the Centre for Life in Newcastle (we were in Zone A!)

I ran the workshops under the collective name of Las Makers, which was founded in Barcelona in 2016.

Las Makers

We had over 150 participants I am still transcribing all of their names! So that I may credit them accordingly.

Check out the progress of the weavings throughout the weekend, some weaving in the making, team photos and also the final artworks below, which were requested to be kept by the Centre for Life so that they may go on exhibition there.

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Sunrise in the garden, Underwater world, Sunset on the terrace L>R

Thank you to all the visitors for participating, both children and adults! Thank you to all the Maker Faire volunteers and assistants and special thank you to Jo Sullivan who was my main assistant and right hand woman before, during and after the event!

For more information on the event, see https://www.life.org.uk/maker-faire-uk

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