“Art makes People Powerful” – Bob & Roberta Smith

This was inspiring  notion for me to concentrate on throughout the Creative Textile Workshops and Art installation.

I discovered within the first 5 minutes of setting up my frame and pulling out the yarns, was that people were naturally attracted to the concept of seeing an artist work. Combine that with basic weaving  (a traditional technique and rarely seen of thought about by the average person) but used in an unusual way (I wove into the frame) and all the bright scraps of yarns, feathersand unusual materials, it was hard for adults and kids to keep their hands off.

Throughout the event, I had all kinds of help and input from passers by, people who came to learn about weaving and knitting (I had some circular knitting hoops out too). From this input of people of various ages and skills, a landscape wa formed over the two weekends of Deptford X.

Below is the final piece , named ‘Midnight Dance’ by my final workshop attendee Lily, as well as images of the process. I am now looking to showcase it at my Open Studios at the end of November and possibly in a new year exhibition.


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