Below is a gallery of my designs and products created for the Las Makers collective since February 2017.

I wanted to get back to the roots of my passion for upcycling and also one of my favourite textile techniques, hand embroidery.

The garments, textiles and threads have come from a range of markets and second hand donations from London and Barcelona. Each garments design was created from its original unique components if an existing garment, or entire produced from the waste of the waste product. The new additions are the fringes bought in Encants Market in Barcelona.

To see the work of my fellow makers, please visit:

About Las Makers

LasMakers is a collective of creative minds, artistic souls and artisan hands. We are a small representative of our present and future made by a mix of races, faces and cultures. We are friends, sisters, companions sharing the passion for handmade, upcycling and unique products made with love, passion and collaboration!! We are dreamers with a shared feel: Girls just wanna have fun!!!

Las Makers es un colectivo de mentes creativas, almas artísticas y manos artesanas. Somos una pequeña representación de nuestro presente y futuro de mezcla de razas y culturas. Somos amigas, hermanas, compañeras que compartimos la pasión por lo hecho a mano, el upcycling y los productos únicos hechos con amor, pasión y colaboración!!! Somos soñadoras con un sentimiento compartido: Girls just wanna have fun!!!

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