In October 2017, I began my journey on the Fabricademy course in Barcelona, which is a global Textile academy being run in 17 different nodes or labs across the world and it  has over 40 students.

Fabricademy is a transdisciplinary course that focuses on the development of new technologies applied in the textile industry, in its broad range of applications, from the fashion industry and the upcoming wearable market.

Here are the projects links to my weekly research and studies from the 1st half of the course.

Week 1: State of the art, project management and documentation

Week 2: Digital bodies

Week 3: Circular open source fashion

Week 4: Bio dyes & bioplastics

Week 5: E-textiles & wearables I

Week 6: Computational couture

Week 7: Textile as scaffold

Week 8: Open source hardware – from fibres to fabric

Week 9: E-textiles & wearables II

Week 10: Implications and applications

Week 11: Soft robotics

Week 12: Skin electronics

Here is the link to the Overview, research posts by subject and design development for my final project from the second half of the course.

Fabricademy Final Project



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