Fabricademy Final Design – Future project ideas

Fabricademy Final Design – Future project ideas

Fabricademy Final Project – Main

Fabricademy Final Project – Final Design & Learning outcomes

Phase 2: Electronics Integration

Future systems & machines

  • A dedicated mixer for the bio-binder and textile waste
  • A bead/tube rolling machine
  • An existing of new machine shred the textile waste
  • Dedicated space for textile sorting/storing
  • Dedicated space integrated with oven and water access

Textile composite Geo Speakers

My original idea was to integrate electronics and a speaker system into the chair but during the first 2 weeks of the project I decided to create this as a second phase.

I then began to focus much more on the chair design, but ultimately it was the material development and exploration that became more important.

During the research and development stages, I did however continue to design and consider the electronics components as a future concept.

  • A polyhedron form created using the bead-structure technique which would be used as a container in which a spiral speaker which functions using magnets could be integrated.
  • A beaded structure with sensors and components integrated which would measure the pressure of someone seated, how they sit and to collect the data from this.

Google Grandma (Google Cardboard with Fabric)

I have researched and  laser cut a ‘Google Cardboard’  viewer design, which hold a phone and can show my ultimate chair design.

These will be made from the waste textiles and the same mixture of the BiSoCo bio-binder.  Hello Google Grandma!


Phase 3: Instructions

During the course, I also wrote my first Instructable tutorial and entered into one of their online competitions.

I  believe that I could expand the project by sharing it with the open source world.

I have begun the process of writing up my research to share with the online community and develop parts of my project.


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