Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter

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Thank you Amanda Cartwright. I was just about to shut up & go to sleep, remaining silent about how I feel.

I am ripped apart constantly thinking about the lack of thought and diminishing care in the actions of our every day lives.
People take advantage of generosity/politeness/courtesy and have seemly endless amounts if material possessions/money/food, as if our mass consumption was normal & other lives/environments didn’t exist.
The waste I see everyday is sickening. We are lucky we have these blessed lives, yet we take too many things for granted. We complain our lives away, never putting ourselves in the shoes of others that may be less fortunate.
Maybe I care to much or am too emotional, but these things matter to me.
You wanna throw something away, you can’t; there is NO away!

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