Slicer for Fusion360: Open source skeleton file – spine & skull

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Slicer for Fusion360: Open source skeleton file – spine & skull

Ever since Wall-e (the animated film) illustrated the idea to us about how a huge amount of time spent in space could potentially have a harmful impact on the bone density of human, the lazier and less agile and more screen focused we become, I’ve been interested in the layers of the body and its support. Strength, flexibility, how the body can bear what it does.

I had started my research for my interlocking mannequin looking at tailors dummy’s with moveable joints and also artists figures for drawing, I became interested in the form that lays underneath the human shape. The skeleton.

I started by finding an open source file of a skeleton from the Grabcad platform, specifically the skeleton file Tengkorak_V5

Using the same software as before, I imported the file into Rhino3D and then exported the sections I was looking to develop, into Slicer.

I have only just begun this project and so it is a subject I’d like to come and revisit at a later stage. See some of my initial screen grabs below.


Skeletion & spine

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