Slow Textiles Group 2012

I was invited by Dr Emma Neuberg to join the event on Saturday 1st December 2012

We have everything to dye for.

It was the fourth lecture in a series and we covered many things like sustainability (and unsustainability) in the  current fashion system, work methodologies as well as having a ‘Couture Embellishment’ talk by the lovely textile Designer, Eline Le Callennec. We later had the chance to do some of our own embellishing on garments we brought along!

One of the most imprtant things which was shown to us was a video about cotton made in India. It is so important that consumers know what they are buying as well as care about its origins. It is not just an issue for people who are interested in textiles…

Here is the link:–Cotton-Made-in-India

Please watch and forward on.

A little about the Slow Textiles Group: “We are a social enterprise with the sole purpose to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of sustainable textiles through exhibition, education, innovation, application, discussion and collaboration.

We grow the best in international textiles practice and give it context, narrative, exhibition, exposure and personal, professional and cultural meaning.
YOUR participation contributes to our role as incubator for innovation, quality and originality in the field.”

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